Silence in Long Distance Relationship

LDR: How to Make Use of Awkward Silences?

I believe you know the feeling. You chat with your crush. One moment you are laughing, yet suddenly you have absolutely no idea what to say next. There is just this awkwardness lingering in the air and you almost want to be anywhere, but where you are. I guess, welcome to a long distance relationship 😀

But don’t worry. I have prepared some tips for you, on how to make use of those awkward silences.

Relax (don’t make a big deal of it)

First of all, there is no need to try to keep talking 100% of the time. You will just exhaust yourself. There is nothing wrong with occasional silence. So chill. Don’t think that it is your job to fight the silence at all cost. Such thoughts work only as distractions for you. On the contrary see the silence as an opportunity.


This is probably the best way to alleviate tension. Think of it this way. Your girl is beautiful (that’s a fact) and she deserves to feel that way. And because of this long distance relationship thing, you have a limited number of opportunities to remind her that. A simple thought like “you look pretty today” or “I like what you did with your hair” will bring out a smile and destroy this awkwardness.


Remember she dislikes this tension as much as you do. So she will jump right into any distraction you offer her. Maybe you have something lying around on your table. Just say “let me show you this”. Or maybe there is a book that reminded of unfinished school assignment. Ask her for advice. You can just say say “let me show you this”/”wait a second” and look for a Youtube video or pretend that you are looking for something and then send her a text (be sneaky in your long distance relationship, spice it up).

Eye contact

You know how some guys don’t talk at all. They just look the girls in the eyes and for some reason still are the biggest chick magnets ever? Some studies show that if people look into each others eyes for some time, they start feeling close. Why not use this to your advantage? I mean, one of the biggest fears is that long distance would destroy intimacy. So just look at the camera and smile. I know this offers little on your side. But just try it out 🙂

Close eyes

Think of it as a game. You ask partner to close their eyes and tell you that the first image that comes to mind is. You can also start humming. Or do the same and make this into a little meditation sessions. Wait for a minute and you’ll hear little chuckles. What else do you need? 🙂

Final thoughts

These are some quick tips on how to make use of awkward silences in your long distance relationship. The most important message is “Just relax”. There is nothing wrong with little pauses. It’s about feeling good with partner anyways. Yet, if you cannot help yourself, then you can always check out How not to run out of things to say in a Long Distance Relationship.


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