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Our Story

It all started with an electrifying cuddle in a summer camp. Funny thing is… the same day I asked her to be my girlfriend I also flew of to Germany for 2 weeks. And that’s practically sums up our lives since then 🙂
In the beginning we were still in high school. Though not the same high school and not the same city. So we spent most of our senior year on the road. We later moved in together for college. But being the busy people that we are it was a bit difficult to stay in one place for long. Which also meant more time apart. Internships, trips, even a year abroad where we only saw each other for Christmas…
Well it had it’s ups and downs, but now that I look at it from a perspective, I believe it was worth it. In the end I still get to be with the most stunning woman in this world.

So far we have been together for 5 years, 2 of which we spent at a long distance (plus the extra months). The next 2 years we will once again spend in a long distance relationship. However, we will noway miss those few moments to see each other.
In this page we would like to share the things that help us and might also help You Survive Long Distance.